Botox® is a simple and safe treatment that reverses the visible signs of aging. With Botox, the lines between your eyebrows, across your forehead, and around your eyes may be treated effectively without surgery, giving you a younger and more vibrant, relaxed appearance.

Botox® is also used to reduce chin dimples, soften lines on the neck, and to treat excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) in the hands and armpits. Using a micro-sized needle, Botox is injected into the muscle. Results are generally seen within four days and last 3-6 months.

Side effects are typically related to the injection of the solution and may include slight discomfort and a small chance of bruising at the injection site. There have been no permanent side effects from the use of Botox®, if the treatment is discontinued the skin eventually returns to its pretreatment appearance.

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