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Your visit to the Center for Skin Wellness will be more than a typical trip to the doctor. Our highly trained staff are at your service to provide you with the best possible care in a most comfortable setting. Take advantage of the spectacular view of Lake Osprey. Have a glass of chilled lemon water. Dr. Finkelstein spends a generous amount of time with each patient. At times this may cause a delay in your scheduled appointment. Please know that when it is your turn to see the doctor you will be afforded whatever time and attention you require. We will keep you well informed of the doctor’s schedule in case other arrangements need to be made. Please let us know how we can best serve your needs.

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The Center for Skin Wellness is an innovative Sarasota dermatology and skin care center that combines the art and science of the latest medical procedures with the most advanced rejuvenation techniques to bring out your inner and outer radiance. Our experienced team of skin care specialists work together to meet the needs of each individual. Whatever your skin care needs may be, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve healthy, radiant skin and making every patient visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.




Medical Aesthetician


M.D., MPH, PhD




I loved meeting with this very accomplished Dermatologist. He was very approachable, funny and knew what to proscribe right away. My husband’s currently in medical school and his goal is to be a dermatologist; this man is a wonderful example and is exactly what my husband strives to be!

Dr. Finkelstein was lovely. He was informative regarding my skin diagnosis. He was not rushed and I felt he was interested in me as a person and patient. His staff was courteous and pleasant. I waited less than 10 minutes to be seen. He also offers some great cosmetic procedures and I look forward to availing myself of his services.

Mary C.

★★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent doctor and excellent staff! Would highly recommend!!!!! My son is very shy and Dr. Rob made him feel at ease. He sat and made us feel that he wasn’t rushed and that we had plenty of time to ask questions. Also, I loved being able to schedule my son’s appointment online.

Robert V.

★★ ★ ★ ★

Michelle and Dr. Rob are the best! Highly recommend! Get your skin checked!

Diana Catherine

★★ ★ ★ ★

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