Telehealth Appointments


Book your Teleheath appointment today! To schedule, call our office at 941-907-7372. 

For your Telehealth scheduled appointment, there are three options for connecting with one of our providers.

  1. For all IOS / Apple device users: The FaceTime application on your Iphone/Ipad/Macbook will be used for connecting.
  2. Android/Other devices: We will use Skype software. To download and create an account on Skype, click here.


Message on March 23, 2020

First of all, thank you. We know that during this unprecedented time in history many of you are dealing with new challenges, stresses and sorting out your “new normal.” We thank you for your patience and are grateful for all of the heartfelt messages you have sent us. Your concern for our well-being means the world to us.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic,and as we continue to receive mandates from our local, state and federal government, our practice is addressing how we adapt as well.

Therefore, EFFECTIVE Tuesday, March 24, we will now be offering all patients our Telehealth option until further notice. *We will still provide in-person care for urgent cases which will be determined and scheduled after the initial telehealth appointment.

Telehealth patients will be conducted by either Dr. Robert Finkelstein or Michelle Selvaggi, ARNP-C. They will conduct your appointment via either Apple Devices Facetime Application or Skype. One of our Medical Assistants may initially contact you to take some vital information prior to you seeing the Provider. Both Providers are able to prescribe or refill medication as necessary after the call.

*Telehealth is now considered a covered service by medicare and most commercial insurance companies. For those with insurance, we will be happy to submit your claim for your reimbursement. *Subject to change.

Any other insurance or self-pay will be charged $75 for current patients and $100 for new patients upon scheduling.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 941-907-7372.

Thank you for your continued patience as we all adapt. As always, we are here to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.


Dr. Rob and the Center for Skin Wellness Team


Message on March, 17, 2020

Dear Patients and Friends:

With the federal government issuing a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the World Health Organization characterizing the situation as a global pandemic, we would like to share with you our promise during this unprecedented time.

Center for Skin Wellness Continuity Plan: Our top priority is always the health, safety, and well-being of our patients, their families, and our community.  We are actively monitoring the evolving situation and are following guidelines issued by federal, state, and local health officials.

Please be advised that we shall continue to provide our patients with uninterrupted service; given the nature and size of our practice, we can continue to provide the same exemplary service to our patients with limited, if any, increased risk of exposure.  Indeed, the standard measures that we have in place to ensure your health and well-being on a daily basis are the same measures that are now being recommended by myriad federal and state health agencies.

In acknowledgement of concerns felt by our patients, we have further augmented our standard procedures by implementing the following changes:

  • Increasing the frequency of our standard sterilization processes.
  • Offering remote-means medical consultations when appropriate and/or possible.
  • For all in-person visits, and prior to visiting our office, we are requiring our patients to submit responses to the attached questionnaire, to elicit information necessary to evaluate the patient for various factors demonstrative of increased risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.  If a patient is found to have an increased risk of exposure, they will be rescheduled to at least 14 days later.   This procedure is under constant review by our medical staff and is subject to change.  As always, our principle goal is to ensure the health and safety of each of our patients.
  • All patients will be required to sanitize their hands immediately upon arrival.
  • We are keeping the front door to our office open to ensure that our patients limit the surfaces that they are touching during the course of their visit.
  • We are regularly sanitizing the hand railing to the stairs and buttons on the elevator.

We Are Here for You: We appreciate and understand that your dermatological well-being has not come to an end because of the issues we are each facing because of the Coronavirus.  We sincerely appreciate your decision to choose us for your skin wellness and we remain committed to serving the needs of our patients, their families, and our community.  Feel free to call us any time to answer any specific questions you may have, including questions about appointments and office hours. You can also stay up to date with us by connecting with us via social media on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.