Amariah Dawes

I had been calling around to several offices looking for someone to help remove a stubborn wart that wouldnt go away with over the counter treatments. I don’t have insurance so I was looking for someone who could let me know the costs up front and preferably a discount for self pay. Everyone I spoke to at the Center for Skin Wellness was so kind and knowledgeable. The very first person I spoke to on the phone was very helpful with making my appointment, detailing all the costs, and suggestions of continued treatment while I waited for my appointment day. When I went in for my appointment the treatment was administered thoroughly and efficiently. I also really appreciated that everyone was very kind and respectful of my wishes for treatment being that I was self pay. I’ve been to many other Dr. Offices where they talk down to you if you don’t have insurance. I will be returning here for any and all of my skin wellness needs.

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